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Welcome to the Galloping Greyhound Gourmet

About The Galloping Greyhound Gourmet

My name is Kris Owen and I make and sell hand made gourmet treats, biscuits and meals for your hounds. I started the Galloping Greyhound Gourmet when I found that there was a limited choice of treats for my dogs made from natural ingredients, and free from chemicals.

All of the produce is made from human grade ingredients, and where ever possible, free range and organic ingredients are used.

My baking

No preservatives, colourings, salt or sugar are added nor any ingredients that are not good for your dog used.

The biscuits suit all dog tastes and range from: liver, cheese, veggie, blueberry, salmon, peanut butter and many many more.
 Dogs with gluten allergies are catered for with the wheat free range, and also those hounds needing to watch their waistline can select from the low calorie range.

Charity work

A percentage of all the profit that I make is donated to needy dog charities.

 So if you have an event, why not contact me and book the Galloping Greyhound Gourmet for your show and I can donate to your cause.