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Welcome to the Galloping Greyhound Gourmet


At shows around the Essex / Herts areas, as the Galloping Greyhound Gourmet I sell my produce and also sell lunches to eat in or take away and can often include Wild Game Casserole, Turkey meatloaf, Shepherding pie: not forgetting the crunchy biscuit on the side and game gravy.

 Diners can even use the dining table provided, and can choose from feather dining wear or black tie bibs to dress for dinner.

Top Stories

  • Greyhound Walks Summer Show 2009, 26th April
    Fundraising and celebrating this lovely breed
    Following its great success last year, this show for rescued greyhounds has got bigger - and we are appearing once again. Once more we will be raising money for the rescued greyhounds and those in need.
  • Hot items will be the game casserole again - last year many people tried to buy this for themselves as it looked and smelt so good. It was made of pheasant, rabbit, and venison with wild rice and vegetables; perfectly fit for humans, it contained no seasoning salt or pepper though!
  • Harlow Dog show 2009, 24th May
    A very relaxed dog show held in Harlow
  • Once more we will be fundraising in Harlow and selling our wonderful products.
  • WAM Dog show 2009, 27th September in Hylands Park
    A great show held in the rolling Hylands Park
  • A dog show for all breeds held in the lovely grounds of Hylands Park. Something for all the family to see and do, and treats to be bought for your favourite pooch.