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Hand baked cakes specially for you, and a choice of:

  • Liver carrot and Apple
  • Pilchard Sponge
  • Cheese Apple and yoghurt
The cakes are topped with creamy low fat cheese and a blue or white candle.
The above cakes are 10 inches long and can be frozen.

EXTRA LARGE cakes are also now available – watch out for these at the shows: you can buy by the slice.

Bone Cake with blue candle

Why not treat your dog to a lovely cake on their birthday - comes with its own candle!


The biscuits suit all dog tastes and range from: liver, cheese, veggie, blueberry, salmon, peanut butter and many many more.

 Dogs with gluten allergies are catered for with the wheat free range, and also those hounds needing to watch their waistline can select from the low calorie range.

Special Orders

Hampers are available either on request  or on special dates.

This hamper was done for Christmas 2008 to raise emergency funds for a special greyhound rescued by Castledon Kennels.

Watch this space for forthcoming offers.

Coming soon – mini hampers.

These will be special takeaways containing a selection of our most popular biscuits.

Mail order will be available soon for all produce.